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“Small businesses unite!” should be the rallying cry of today’s private veterinary practices. For many reasons, some not even unique to the veterinary medicine sector, many practitioners have handed their businesses over to larger companies or corporate conglomerates. Thus, it has become difficult for individual practices to compete with these larger groups without the same leverage over real estate, drug and financing companies.

Therefore, joining a veterinarian franchise system makes good business sense. Think of it as a collective of individually owned clinics working together to gain a strong presence in the industry. Bingle Vet Clinics is re-inventing the franchise market within the field of veterinary medicine. Our mission is to keep veterinarians as true owners in the field they have worked so hard for, and to give the veterinarians a voice on the future of their career. Bingle Vet Clinics is a veterinarian franchise opportunity that puts vet first. Our franchisees are not just medical directors, but owners of the practices. We help vets to own a rewarding practice by providing time-tested business systems.

The benefits of franchising are simple but important:

  • Veterinarians own and operate their clinics.
  • The Franchisor provides the business processes and structure to run rewarding practices.
  • The vet focuses more on patient care and customer service, while the business runs on established operating systems.
  • The Franchisor will try to leverage for better pricing with vendors and third parties to benefit the franchisees.
  • There is a support system in place to provide training and documents on business concepts and best-practices, which is not routinely taught to vets.
  • There is reduced trial-and-error when it comes to opening a new vet clinic.

All in all, joining a franchise system can be a compelling growth strategy: it unites clinics to better compete with the larger networks while preserving locally owned and operated practices. Doesn’t that sound like an appealing option for your new or existing practice? Before you as a veterinarian sell your practice or employment to a corporate conglomerate, just remember – “Small businesses unite!”

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